Vanessa is the Senior Story Editor for Storied Media Group. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Vanessa is one of the original Storied Media Group team members. She began her professional career in the casting world, working alongside award-winning casting director Kim Coleman.  Some of Vanessa’s casting credits include the Spike Lee films Oldboy and Chi-Raq, the independent films Dear White People and Imperial Dreams, both 2014 Sundance Film Festival award winners, and the 2015 Sundance hit Dope. Her most recent casting credits include Academy Award winner John Ridley’s ABC drama American Crime, and Lebron James’ comedy for Starz Survivor’s Remorse.  

Currently, Vanessa oversees the invaluable content curation side of our business. She has helped develop the StoryScout database, manages the readers program, researches development ideas, and is constantly keeping an eye out for the hot stories of the day. In addition, Vanessa's casting background makes her an invaluable asset for packaging SMG projects.