Jason Scoggins is an entrepreneur and senior executive who has founded and led companies in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Prior to joining Storied Media Group as General Manager of StoryScout, the media rights marketplace, he had been President & COO of Slated, the independent film marketplace, where he oversaw the development of its project scoring system and launched its film finance practice.

In the five years prior to joining Slated in 2014, Jason founded and led four entertainment industry data-related start-ups, including two acquired by Slated that deliver key components of Slated’s film project scoring system (Spec Scout, Inc., and Slate Metrics, Inc.). The other two were ItsontheGrid, Inc., a feature film development database he founded in 2009 and sold to The Wrap News, Inc. in 2011; and Signal Entertainment Marketing, LLC, a product placement and brand integration services for advertisers and agencies from entertainment industry data powerhouse Baseline LLC, which Jason guided from concept to launch as its GM.

Jason got his start in the entertainment business in 1995 as an assistant to the Head of Worldwide Television at ICM (now ICM Partners). He moved to the The Gersh Agency three years later to become a TV Literary agent, then switched his focus to entrepreneurial pursuits in 2000. A graduate of UCLA, he resides in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.